Midland Business Insurance provides bespoke protection
services and succession planning for a range of companies.


As every business is different, we do not provide off-the-shelf policies. Our aim is to fully protect your business in a way that aligns with where you are now and where you want to be in the future. This involves getting to know you and your company to ensure your business is protected against every eventuality. We will also help you to create a sound succession strategy to safeguard your business for the long term. 


Are you fully aware of all the risks and
threats to your business?

What would happen if you, a key person, or one of your directors became critically ill or passed away?


As your business evolves,
how do you know whether your
Insurance is still valid?

What would happen if your best sales person became critically ill – how
would you replace this income?


Have you considered the future of your business or any potential tax liabilities?


What makes us different? We keep in touch with our clients,
providing regular reviews and adapting insurance policies along the way to
ensure your protection is always correct and reflective of your changing needs.
We stay with you on your business journey - and, should you ever need to claim,
we will be on hand offering full support and guidance.

At Midland Business Insurance, we’re always in your corner.
We are as passionate about your business as you are.  


Protect your business against future risk.
Please get in touch or call 0800 380 0098

"I would strongly recommend Midland Business Insurance Services for your insurance requirements, they explain the different types of policies available followed by sound advice on which ones would be suitable to your individual requirements. It is gratifying and reassuring to know that the policy chosen will meet the needs of any rapidly growing business and we are looking forward to working with MBIS to help offer an exceptional insurance service to our clients."

Simi Johal | Brooks & Co.

Tax planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.